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What is The Cheapest Code Signing Certificate?
PUBLISH DATE: 04 Mar 2020
If you are looking out for the cheapest code signing certificate, then you have certainly landed into the right article. With Sectigo, you can always get the justified costed for your code signing certificate. Here at, the prices are always set lower than anywhere you can ever get your hands on. The prices are always justifiable with authentic certifications
How to Sign Java Files with Java Code Signing Certificate - Quick Guide
PUBLISH DATE: 22 Feb 2020
A complete step-by-step mechanism to sign java files with java code signing certificate in few minutes. Read now.
Quick Steps to Export Code Signing Certificate in Firefox – A Detailed Guide
PUBLISH DATE: 03 Feb 2020
During the life span of your code signing certificate, you need to once export the certificate from your computer. However, are you stuck with how to export code signing certificate using Firefox as the browser?
A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Export Code Signing Certificate on Mac
PUBLISH DATE: 28 Jan 2020
Once you finish the installation process of your code signing certificate; it is the time to use the sign programs. For this, you need to export the code signing certificate. This quick guide outlines the steps through which you can export the code signing certificate. When planning to export the code signing certificate on Mac, use Safari as a preferred browser, and this process is carried out as a P12 file.
Advance Guide on Exporting Code Signing Certificate (Windows)
PUBLISH DATE: 25 Jun 2018
As you install a Code Signing Certificate in any of your browser- Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome, you may want it to use in another place. You may want to export the certificate to another computer or take a back up for the same.
Why You Should Use Extended Validation Code Signing
PUBLISH DATE: 05 May 2018

Does your company use online downloads as a source of revenue?

The total number of downloads each year is in the billions. With tools like SmartScreen, if your site isn't as secure as it could be, your reputation will plummet, and so will your sales.

Investing in extended validation code signing could help you make more money and increase your online reputation.

How Code Signing Certificate Works: A Simple Guide
PUBLISH DATE: 03 Apr 2018

Are you confused about how code signing certificate works? Code signing is an important way to show that your code is legitimate.

Mac Apps Initiated to Decline Launch for Expiring Developer Certificates
PUBLISH DATE: 26 Feb 2017

Mac App Store has brought dramatic modification in App Store security protocols. The sudden modification in security policy became the major cause to delay in upcoming launches of apps in Mac App Store.

Explorer Comodo Code Signing Certificate Requirements
PUBLISH DATE: 23 Jul 2016

A Comodo Code Signing Certificate is organization validated certificates, hence it requires some validation process before it issue to software publishers. It’s indeed requirement that you have to validate yourself that who are you to Certificate Authority in some cases. It’s compulsory to produce some business documents in this validation process.

Why iOS Developers Require Code Signing Certificate
PUBLISH DATE: 12 Mar 2016
Code signing is a security key and private essential quality that is required in OS X, to certify your app. The properties installed by this code signing is that if you signed in the application once in your system, then the signing certificate should be able to detect the regarding change of the app. This kind of change may occur by malware code or by accidentally. Code signing certificate is basically the form of a digital authentication that justify one’s entry. The code is designed in the manner that it keeps tracking the individual information which is digitally interlinked with that security key.
Obtain a Code Signing Certificate Security
PUBLISH DATE: 03 Mar 2002

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